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Offer your customers a wide range of pickup and dispatch services that meet their requirements.
Parcel pickup
Offer online purchasers the opportunity to collect their orders, delivered by standard or express delivery, directly from your store. With our tools, every parcel handover is accomplished easily and quickly without disturbing your main business.
Drop off / returns
Allow your customers to return the orders they do not want by dropping off their parcels in your store. Thanks to electronic return labels returns only take a few seconds.
Undelivered parcels
Should the customer’s order be unable to be delivered to their home, their parcel is dropped off at the nearest Pickup point. With this solution, the customer can collect their parcel as soon as possible.
After sales service
This solution is offered by certain on-line retailers, and allows the customer to drop off their faulty goods in your store. Once repaired, they will be informed and can come and collect their parcel.
A solution dedicated to landline and mobile phone providers, which allows the customer to drop off their old equipment and leave with the new one. These exchanges involve specific personalised procedures.
Transfer between pickup points
A delivery service which allows your customers to send a parcel by express delivery directly from your store to another Pickup point in France.
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