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Our solutions respond to your challenges
as retailers in the digital age

Increase the traffic in your stores to generate additional sales and offer extra services to build up customer loyalty.

Capitalise on your retail

outlets with Pickup

Bring your retail outlets into the Pickup network

Allow your customers to pick up their parcels ordered on on-line retail websites from your stores.

Generate traffic and additional turnover

Offer your customers a new local service and manage all types of parcels:

Pickup point: from 0 to 20kg Pickup point plus: from 20 to 30kg Pickup point maxi: over 30kg

Improve customer experience in your retail outlets through lockers

Your customers can pick up their parcels in a few seconds. This format also allows you to automate the management of the flows you receive.
Increase your parcel processing capacity.
Reduce the time devoted by your employees to parcel services.

Direct commercial spin-offs

for your retail outlets!

Depending on your desired parcel flow, you can accommodate several dozens of customers per day in your retail outlets.

25 customers on average..

Receive direct payment every month for the parcel services in your retail outlets.

Average 0.28p/parcel, apart
from specific services.

A proportion of customers coming to pick up parcels will generate additional sales in your retail outlets.

A 25% conversion on average, depending on the type of store.

Large retailers, store networks, shopping centres: +1500 Pickup points

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Expand your range of services

with the Pickup point offer

Offer your customers click and collect

Click and collect, a service which allows your customers to order on-line and then pick up their orders from one of your stores, is the 3rd most popular delivery method of the French.
Using Pickup tools, you can easily roll out this service in your retail outlets.
Standardise the experience offered to your customers and offer them a seamless service.
Manage Pickup and click collect flows within the same solution.

Discover the ship from store offer,

for greater customer satisfaction

Discover the ship from store offer, for greater customer satisfaction

Through our partnership with Stuart, you can capitalise on your physical retail outlets by offering your customers a last mile delivery service: within the hour, within the day or within a specific time slot… All this while reducing your environmental impact through the use of soft modes of transport.

Discover Pickup logistics solutions

Pickup Logistics, an urban logistics operator, offers a range of urban logistics solutions ranging from an order preparation service to the home delivery of fresh produce.
Soft transport modes
Reduction of carbon footprint
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