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Offer your customers a new service and expand your main business by joining the Pickup network, with more than 14,000 retailers in France!
Become a Pickup point
Generate traffic into your store

+420 customers per month on average

Increase your turnover

Convert an average of 15% of your parcel customers!

Controlled flows in accordance with your storage capacity!

The pickup business acts as a support for your commercial activity

Boost your visibility

Your business will be mentioned on our more than 8,000 partner sites

0 investment

You will be supplied with the equipment and signage

Commercial advice

We advise you with your business problems and provide you with dedicated tools

A personalised customer service

A dedicated hotline, local representatives and offices, and an e-training platform

No admin

Your tasks are made easier by a monthly invoice

Direct payment

33 euro centimes on average per parcel for standard business activities

A word from our pickup points!

A word from our pickup points!

Kaya tells you more about the benefits of pickup point business with Pickup.
Become a Pickup point

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3 formats possibles :

Relais Pickup
de 0 à 20 kg
L’activité standard
Relais plus Pickup
de 20 à 30 kg
L’activité relais standard complétée par des colis plus volumineux
Relais maxi Pickup
+ de 30 kg
Une activité spécifique nécessitant une logistique adaptée