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What is a Pickup point?

A Pickup point is a store (newsagents, florist, convenience store, service station…) near you or the places you frequent on a daily basis.

How can I find a Pickup point?

You can use the following map to find the Pickup point nearest to you.

How will I know when my parcel has arrived?

As soon as your parcel arrives at the pickup point, you will receive an email and/or an SMS reminding you of the pickup point’s details (address and opening hours) and how long you have to collect your parcel.

What documents do I need to collect my parcel?

To collect your parcel, it is essential that you present a proof of identity (identity card, passport, driving licence). This allows the pickup point to check that you really are the recipient of the parcel. Next, the pickup point will ask you to sign their PDA (a device used to scan the parcels) to confirm to the carrier that you have collected your parcel.

Can someone else collect my parcel for me?

Another person can collect your parcel for you under two conditions: they must present their own original proof of identity and your original proof of identity. Proxies / permissions in writing are not accepted for collection by a third party.

What should I do if my parcel is damaged?

If your parcel is damaged, you can inform the pickup point that you wish to record your reservations. This information can be quickly sent to the carrier via the PDA. Then, you have the option of accepting or refusing the parcel. It’s your decision! In both cases, acceptance and refusal will be entered on the PDA and the information will be sent to the carrier.

What should I do if I no longer want my parcel?

If you no longer want your parcel, you should contact the sender or consult their website to find out how to proceed.

Where are Pickup lockers located?

Pickup lockers are sited in high traffic areas such as railway stations, shopping centres and town centres (post offices…). To find out whether there is a locker near you, click here.

Where can I find my Pickup locker codes?

First, please check that you haven’t received an SMS or email (also in spam folder) containing your codes. If you haven’t, you can contact your carrier so he can send them:

– For Colissimo: 09 72 72 12 13

– For Chronopost: 09 69 391 391

Can I have a delivery made to a locker from any online retail site?

To have a delivery made to a Pickup locker, you can now place an order on more than 6,500 retail websites. These websites include: Cdiscount, Veepee, Showroomprive.com, Sarenza, Zalando, Darty, Rue du commerce, …

I am having problems collecting my parcel from a locker

Please use this form to contact us.

How does your parcel arrive in our Pickup Points?

Discover, step by step, your parcel’s route: from your order on an on-line retail website, to its delivery to a Pickup point or locker.
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