Pickup’s expertise

Connecting and managing tens of thousands of partners to offer an effective service to carriers and our customers throughout the land.
Our know-how and our proprietary solutions have contributed to the construction and operation of the pickup network for 20 years. The latter are central to a range of tailor-made delivery solutions for on-line retail and retail stakeholders.

Optimising networks through data and geomarketing

On-line retailers
In order to offer local solutions which meet the requirements of today and tomorrow, the establishment of our network is guided by a close analysis based on a combination of data and geomarketing. It’s the indispensable condition for offering our on-line retail partners the network which is the closest to their customers, and accessible throughout the year.

Connecting millions of users to tens of thousands of retailers and on-line retailers

With a presence in more than 70,000 stores in Europe, our proprietary software solution is key to our offers
On-line retailers
A tool dedicated to guaranteeing performance and customer satisfaction
Available to more than 19,000 points in France, our application allows our retailers to manage pickup point business very easily (pickup, drop off/exchange…) in order to offer their customers a seamless and standardised pickup experience. In the hands of our retail partners, it is also a preferred tool of communication with our pickup points.
A lever for omni channel retailing
We provide a terminal equipped with our software solution so that the pickup offer and/or your service offer can be deployed quickly in all your retail outlets . This solution can be synchronised with your on-line retail flows in order to offer your customers a click and collect service.
Offering optimal service quality in our network

Almost 150 employees work on a daily basis to create, optimise and improve the performance of our pickup network.

On-line retailers
Tailor-made support for our store pickup points
The expertise of the Pickup teams dedicated to management of the network ensures satisfaction for the end customer. This is achieved in particular through supporting pickup points at the start of their business, regular visits from our regional representatives, in-service training and the daily interactions which we have with them to improve their satisfaction.
A strategy applied to the network of stores
Over more than 20 years we have acquired expertise in the management of a network of retailers which we make available to retailers who wish to be supported in rolling out parcel-related services in their retail outlets.
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