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Shipping with pouch

Shipping with pouch 

Sending a parcel from a Pickup point to another Pickup point with a pouch

Customers buy a shipping label on the The price is calculated according to the distance between the start point and the arrival point.

Simply pack is enough: plastic bags, bubble wrap, cardboard box... The pack should fit in the pouchs available in Pickup point (padded soft pouch 50cm by 50cm).

During the drop off, customers insert their parcel in the pouch and slide the label in the plastic window of the kit. The safety of the parcel is guaranteed by a seal. They receive proof of delivery.

The parcels are removed the same day or the next day. Customers can track their parcels on the

When the parcel arrive in the Pickup point, the recipient is notified by email and / or SMS. He has 8 working days to pick up the parcel.

The recipient must produce his ID card. The parcel is delivered against a signature on the PDA.

- Price from 2.90 € to 6.90 € TTC

- Available in over 4,500 Pickup point in France